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    Hensen is committed to provide BMS solution based on fully open system with unique and powerful features of Native BACnet controllers for HVAC, Access and Lighting control fulfilling the requirements of BACnet (ASHRAE 135 and ISO 16484-5). For the customer, it means greater flexibility for system integration design as well as the operation of the building management. The customer will have the freedom to choose the best product in the market for fulfilling the control requirement of their system and will not be locked by a single vendor after the system is purchased.

    In addition, the openness of system, including its protocol and engineering tools, will enable theowner / building management team the freedom of further expansion and development of new operational requirement through the use of all BTL (BACnet Tested Laboratory) listed vendors,totally free to choose with flexibilities and adaptation to new technologies in future.
    With opened engineering tools, the user has had to the key to the system. The user will be able to choose the maintenance service provider, be it Hensen System Engineering, others service provider or eventheir own engineering team.

    Hensen System Engineering Ltd. has been providing various levels of maintenance services from spare parts supply, to regular system checking and to comprehensive maintenance services. Our various user in the job reference list has also been acquiring different level of services from Hensen System Engineering Ltd. would be looking forward to providing our best services to you in coming soon and also expect to be your long-term services provider and your supporter for your building management system.